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    About than greater date if Dax . To get the current filter context's date as the start date, I used the LASTDATE() DAX function, and we are going a Year back in the interval. If the year value is between 0 and 1899, the value is added to 1900 to produce the final value.

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    . So I have 2 columns I need to compare in order to find out how many dates in column 2 that is greater than the dates in column 1 So I'm imagining something like: Measure = IF [ (Investments (Expected closure)]< [ (Investments (Actualclosure)] Basically I want an overview of how many investments have a later closure date than expected. 2012. 6. 5. · SWITCH ( expression, value1, result1, value2, result2, : : else. ) expression is any DAX expression that returns a single scalar value (number, string, or date), where the expression is to be evaluated multiple times (for each row/context). value1 is a constant value to be matched with the evaluated result of expression. In " Table Tools " tab, click on " New Table " to create a new Table using DAX. In the formula box, at the below formula with your date value range as you prefer CALENDAR = CALENDAR (DATE (2022,1,1), DATE (2022,1,19)) Note, you have to provide the date value format is year, month, day. Assume you have date from date calendar as filter, try like Measure = var _max =minx (date,date [date]) return sumx ('Leads',IF (AND ('Leads' [qualification__date__c] > _max, 'Leads' [SOE] = "Yes"), 1,0)) Appreciate your Kudos. In case, this is the solution you are looking for, mark it as the Solution.

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A Dates table is also useful for making calculations using special DAX functions that operate on Dates . These functions, of which DATEADD is an example, often require that all the days in a given range exist in the data table—otherwise, a missing
The COUNT function counts rows that contain the following kinds of values: Numbers. Dates. Strings. Whenever the function finds no rows to aggregate, the function returns a blank. Blank values are skipped, if data type is Int. Blank values are not skipped, if data type is Text. Does not support Logical values (TRUE/FALSE values).
The second check was for greater than 30, but should have been greater than or equal to Further, here is a shorter version: =IF ( [Days Open]11 > 120, "Greater than 120", IF ( [Days Open]11 > 90, "91-120", IF ( [Days Open]11 > 60, "61-90", IF ( [Days Open]11 > 30, "31-60", "30 or Less"))))
DAX Date and Time functions are similar to the Excel date and time functions. However, DAX date and time functions are based on the DAX datetime data type. Following are the DAX Date and Time functions −. DAX CALENDAR function.